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On August 7th 2009, Dan Symons (formerly Rough Trade / Sanctuary / Lowgold) and Matt Dixon (formerly Xenomania / EMI) decided to join forces and become band2market. To deliberately avoid an unlucky 13 years, the duo have decided to call time on the business at the end of March 2022 and very amicably part ways.  Like many others in recent times, the joint decision was made having discussed their individual situations and reflected on their personal lives.

Dan says “Matt is a high grade music marketing machine, and easily the most grounded and excellent fella I’ve ever worked with. Grafting alongside him at B2M has been an absolute pleasure (and a miracle) for a long time, but now the moment has come to move on.”

Matt says “Dan and I were friends going into band2market, managed a huge amount of success year after year, navigated the company through the last couple of years, remaining close from start to finish, but we agreed that something fresh and new for the two of us would be a great way to revitalise ourselves as individuals.  On a personal level, I’d like to thank Dan for thinking of me to work with all those years ago, and for his help and support ever since. I couldn’t have done any of this without him.”

Both say “Huge thanks for everybody’s support across the last twelve years.  You’ve been absolutely fantastic to us, but unfortunately, the rumours are true.  We do care an awful lot about the fans and we hope they will understand; we have done all we can as band2market, and will probably reform in 20 years for a successful arena tour plus a convoluted NFT box-set, but nobody will be surprised to hear this.  We have been following a wild and wounded, glum and glorious, shit but shining path these last twelve years, many of which have led us up the commercial high ground.  We are at a point now where the path is about to take a sharp turn from these sunny uplands down into a world of we know not what.  Our emails will be open for correspondence, our mobiles will remain switched on and our ansaphone ready to record.  From time to time, these may be responded to.  We would like to thank everybody (friends and enemies alike) that have played a part on our journey (so far).  If we meet further along, be prepared.  Our disguise may be complete.  In the meantime, the dark dip beckons.  There is no further information.” 

As of the end of the day on March 31st 2022, band2market is no more.  

Matt can now be contacted at and on 07909907913

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