The ATC philosophy has always been pretty tightly aligned with B2M’s independent sensibilities, and Matt and Dan have worked across a number of campaigns with us in the last decade. They look at the overall business proposition for each artist and bring a mixture of realism, enthusiasm, campaign structure and creative thinking, plus they are always up for a wider debate on ‘the state of things’. We’ve enjoyed working with both of them over the years.

Brian Message (ATC Management)

I couldn‘t have done it without Matt, who helped me relaunch my label and market an album and four singles (3 of which were playlisted on Radio 2 )

Holly Johnson (Artist)

BMG Catalogue has worked with Matt many times in recent years, and enjoyed great success on campaigns as eclectic a bunch as Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Lovely Creatures” and The Kinks “The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society” 50th anniversary, and also with the likes of Madness, Bruce Dickinson, Dimitri From Paris/Salsoul, Propaganda, Slade and Frankie Goes To Hollywood. In every situation, Matt has provided a first grade, detailed, global service with excellent communications to the UK and all those involved around the world.

Didier Dehauteur (BMG Catalogue)

Working with Matt is fantastic. He has a great worth ethic, and always presents thoroughly researched and really specifically tailored ideas, with a total understanding of what I’ve achieved to date, want to achieve, and need to fill the gaps. I’ve always felt like he’s known my project inside out and has been flexible and amenable every time things have shifted or needed to shift, being a huge asset to my career.

Bright Light Bright Light (Artist)

It’s always a pleasure to work with Matt. He’s creative, knowledgeable, reliable, good fun and into the music. Congratulations on 10 years at band2market!

Keith Wozencroft

I have always loved working with the team at B2M. They have a brilliant view of the ecosystem around an artist’s team and how all the moving parts fit together. From the live promoter’s point of view I can’t think of a company I’d rather work with when an artist chooses to go down the independent route. Rather than just being seen as a mug who’s risking the money on a tour B2M treat us as an essential member of the team the artist will need on board for a successful release campaign.’

Steve Tilley (Kilimanjaro)

I have worked with Matt on a number of project over the years, he is hard working, a pleasure to deal with every day and know’s his stuff ! What more can you ask of from a project manager ? he is a top man ! If you are thinking about working with him on your campaign, look no further, he’s your man.

Joe Bennett (JBPR)

Friendly, reliable and a pleasure to work alongside!

Supercat PR

Working with Matt at Band2Market has been the best decision in our music career. Being a producer, musician and label manager is quite a lot of work and we can easily get distracted playing one role more then the other. Having Matt with us keeps us grounded and focused. He is super connected and brings amazing professionals to work in our campaigns, at the same time, keeps us on the loop pushing our limits for us to give the best we can. It’s just amazing to work with such a lovely and focused person.


We have worked with Matt across a number of projects of varying size and scope, and he has been instrumental in delivering success each time. Easy to work with, never missing a detail – our perfect partner, in other words!

Motive Unknown

Having worked on numerous projects over the years with Matt I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a super experienced marketer and project manager who has also managed to keep up to date with the rapidly evolving music market. Matt is both passionate about music and marketing and also a top professional, with a great network.

Paul Hitchman (AWAL)

Matt Dixon is an expert at what he does. His understanding of the artists he works and the industry he works in means he delivers a truly bespoke campaign every time. Not only is he a key part to any campaign but he is an absolute pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Julie Barnes (Radio Active Promotions)

Matt and Dan are a pleasure to work with. Always thorough and dedicated, their approach to each and every campaign is meticulous and always conducted with charm. They are unfailing with their demands for an update every Monday, usually at around midday.

Viaduct Promotions

We have worked with Matt Dixon at Band 2 Market on a number of campaigns and it has always been a really positive experience. Matt has a great understanding of what we do at RadioActive Promotions and has been able to match us to the right project at the right time and knows what tools we need to deliver results – which of course makes for a very happy relationship all round!

Jessica Bailey (Radio Active Promotions)

We’ve worked with Matt and the team on a few projects over the last 10 years. Matt’s dedication and passion is second to none and we’ve had great success on a number of projects!

Paul Trueman (AWAL)

Band2Market are the one of the best label services teams we’ve worked with. Their understanding of the modern music marketplace is second to none, combining a head for data and traditional gut instinct.

Matt Learmouth (Alchemy PR)

We’ve worked with Matt Dixon as well as Dan for the whole ten years Band2Market has existed – prior to that we worked with Matt at EMI for many years. I can honestly say that Matt is one of the most talented marketers we have ever worked with, and after all these years, he’s still a genuine music-lover as hungry as ever to deliver for his impressive roster of artists. We should know as he constantly pesters us to deliver more and more for his acts that Renegade are working on – you just don’t get this boundless enthusiasm from so many in the music industry. We’ll forgive his dry Manc humour and priorities on who is the greatest electronic band ever, for now. Would recommend Band2Market everytime. Well done on the first ten years, gents, and long may you continue.

Renegade Student Promotions

Working with Matt and Band2Market helped elevate our campaigns to the next level. An excellent level of detail and insight – and Matt’s got great taste in music to boot.

Neil Blanket (Mute)

you are great

DEF Management

I always enjoy working with Matt, he’s great at driving a campaign and really understands how to get the best out of each team member. Matt gets it, and always has a defined strategy and realistic goals for each campaign we work together.

Swell PR

We’ve worked with the B2M guys for the past 10 years, always an efficient streamlined service with the ultimate goal of delivering the best results for the client.

CMS Media Buying Agency

It’s always great to work with Matt on campaigns as he brings so much positive energy and experience to the table. We’ve worked together on campaigns for nearly a decade and he is equally successful with adding his magic and expertise to campaigns for both established and brand new artists.

Out Promotions

I love working with Matt Dixon and Band2Market on projects. Highlights in recent years were successful campaigns for Mixhell & Joe Goddard as well as for Greg Wilson. Very well organised and structured campaigns from the off which makes the life of a radio plugger much more straightforward! Congrats on 10 years!

Leo Greenslade Promotions

I’ve worked with Matt on a number of occasions and have complete faith and trust in him. He’s always on point and is a totally pleasure to deal with and as a scarily good knowledge of music!

Nathan Liddell-Hulme (AWAL)

What can you expect from working with Matt Dixon and band2market? Alongside bizarre trivia about any band you care to mention, you will get a first class service from a team that has incredible experience of working with major and indie labels, and across many different genres of music.

Kevin McCabe Promotions

Band2Market always take a holistic approach to projects, challenging the status quo. Always with creative flair, Matt and Dan always see the bigger picture which is the best place to view things from.

Deacon PR

Matt Dixon I have know a long time in this business and he is the first person I go to when I think of a campaign manager as his attention to detail, understanding and love of music combined with drive is second to none!

Simon Duffy (Tri-Tone)

Every campaign needs a steady hand on the tiller, crystal clear lines of communication between teams and a remorseless marshaling of information and assets. There’re few people who provide all of this with more pride and attention to detail than Matt Dixon and Band2Market.

Authority Promotions & Online Marketing

I’ve known Dan for donkey’s years, right back to his Rough Trade days, and have also worked with Matt on a number of projects. These two fellas are forward thinking, direct and always up for a healthy debate about ‘the state of things’. It’s a positive and thoroughly worthwhile experience having them on the team for a campaign.

Greg Lowe (United Talent Agency)

Matt Dixon at Band2Market is always the first person i would recommend to any artist wishing to get their music marketed around a release. Matt is the glue that keeps a campaign together, the driver of the promo team, the captain of the ship, chief navigator and a trusted ally in the ever changing face of the music business.

Special Requests Club Promotion

My initial encounter with Matt at Band2Band was when I tasked to oversee the Re-release of The Kinks are the Village green Preservation Society’ by Ray Davies and BMG. What first impressed me was Matt’s advanced planning, attention to detail and his diligence in getting everything just right for the Client to ensure all opportunities ran smoothly. He also followed up to make sure the Promo opportunity was well received. Ray, Dave & Mick felt in safe hands with Matt and he gets up really early too!!!

Fraser Kennedy (The Kinks management)

We have worked with Matt and Band2Market on many campaigns over the past few years and been hugely impressed by the vision and commitment they have on a wide variety of projects. Each campaign has benefited from their bespoke approach, intelligent strategy, realistic targets and passionate belief with tangible results delivered. I would have no hesitation recommending them to any artist, management or company looking to further their career and create a solid platform for their releases.

William Luff, Wilful Publicity

Big Life has worked with Matt for a long time, from his days at EMI and on many occasions since the beginnings of Band2market. We’ve always enjoyed it, as he truly gets stuck in to each individual campaign with each individual artist, and makes everything as bespoke as possible in all areas, with great deals of enthusiasm and attention to detail.

Tim Parry (Big Life)

We have worked on many successful campaigns with Matt including New Order, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and The Pet Shop Boys and his attention to detail and professionalism is second to none.

Sonic PR

Matt from Band2Market gave amazing support and insight on our album campaign. He always keeps everyone on point and is able to manage the different perspectives of everyone involved. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Oi Va Voi (Artist)

Copmedia has been working with Band2Market for many years, their expertise, marketing knowledge and release strategies add professionalism and ensure campaigns are well co-ordinated and above all successful. It’s always a pleasure to work with Matt and Dan, they provide clear instruction, a prompt response and deal swiftly with any issues.

Copmedia Promotions

I’ve worked with Dan for 7 years on various projects. I like working with these guys because they get on with their job, allowing me to get on with mine. They are very transparent and always up for a lunch.

Mick Paterson Management

Matt is great, very diligent and easy to work with

Cool Badge Promotions